An endless nightlife for all tastes can be found in Barcelona. Here you get some tips for nightlife with popular nightclubs, famous bars and pubs in the various districts.

Barri Gotic and the port area

The cozy Ciutat Vella, or Gothic Quarter you will find countless bars, restaurants, tapas restaurants and several popular nightclubs.

In the port area along the beaches of Barcelona, the nightlife is going on all night til the morning. Several discos, bars and restaurants to choose from.

You often get handed out coupons for free drinks or shots from different disco as you move around.

A great Jazz club in Barri Gotic

Harlem Jazz Club is located in the Gothic Quarter Barri Gotic and is one of Barcelona’s most legendary jazz clubs. Here you can enjoy jazz, funk and soul music almost every night of the week.

A cozy little jazz club with room for about 300 facilitators spread that has a nice bar and a dance floor.

Early in the evenings there is live gig, friendly atmosphere.

Because it is a small club, it often becomes crowded late in the evening / night, but still retaining the friendly atmosphere

Mostly adult audience. Open almost every night with different programs and artists.

See their website for more information.



Popular nightclubs in Barcelona

Exclusive, trendy and one of the best among clubs in Barcelona with VIP lists and table reservations.

Bikini Bar
Disco with DJ and live music. Trendy disco with celebrities who show up occasionally.

Pacha Barcelona
The well-known brand Pacha disco is popular

Luz de Gas
In an old theater you will find a disco during the week also offers live music.


Be careful …

…. when walking home late at night. Never go alone and drunk.
Barcelona is unfortunately also known for high crime rates in the form of robbers, especially in the evenings and nights when people come from pubs and discos.

Many robbers are here and represent their countries in the most bad way possible – often young people from Morocco, Romania, and other Eastern Europe operating in groups.

So…. have fun, but take care